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  Rhino Press is our signature combo of the foot platform and Rhino pendulum system.  





Adjust the position and safely perform a military press. Use bumper plates and/or rubber bands for the resistance.

Foot panel has adjustable structure so it guarantees the most comfort in training.

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  Rhino™ Woodwall consists of two separate sections of wooden beams that are being placed on a mirror frame.





 The single section is used for the incline bench setup, comprises GHD with the soft blocks and functions as a stretching porch.

 Incline bench CNC machined from the ash wood. Upholstery is high quality synthetic material.

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   RhinoSquat attachment makes it possible to train your legs without the stress on your spine.

   Loading capacity of up to 16 Olympic weightlifting plates is enough to meet the needs of most people. 

   Supporting foot of the attachment raises the plates off the ground for easy load/removal operation. Folds with the gravity as soon as lifted off the floor.

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 The variety of different attachments allows you to train your body in different planes of motion.




 We paid attention to the details. Every part is made on CNC machinery and has that distinctive shape of perfection.


   High quality tinted mirror has illuminated perimeter with LED of various colours will and will help you control your movements.

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   We have turned regular safety beams into a spotter arms which are capable of assisting you in many exercises.  



  Bench press and shoulder press without the need of a spotter. You can safely perform somewhat dangerous but highly effective compound movements.


    Creating a training space at your house or the office will save you time so you could do more in a day

   Patent pending hybrid uprights design is based on best concepts in the sports equipment industry and houses the system of two adjustable levers.




   They replicate many traditional training machines and are well suited for many explosive movements, usually done with a free weights by professional athletes.



Broad spectrum of strength training exercises in the room of 6 m2 saves money and makes everything efficient. 

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 Rhino™ Eclipse 

  Professional approach to a home fitness, so you can train with the comfort in privacy.

 The natural course of life fills your schedule to the fullest, leaving you with less time for everything.


   Some of our team went right through it and we have designed a compact and versatile training complex and named it Rhino Eclipse

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 Rhino™ Woodwall is original design of two independed wooden bar sections which makes it one of a kind adjustable "Swedish ladder".

Bodyweight gymnastics movements are essential to a balancet training regimen, so we made sure you can do them with  Rhino™ Woodwall. 

   We are using Russian sourced Ash tree and treat it with high quality protection polyurethane coating. 

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Rhino™ Eclipse  made on pre-order
Production time up to 60 working days

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Manufactured in Russia

Rhino™ Weightlifting

   Weightlifting platform with noise and vibration dampening expands application of the training complex to the areas without any sports flooring.


   Dramatic noise dampening creates maximum acoustic comfort for everybody - you or your neighbors. 

   Barbell is highly versatile tool in general health development and Rhino™ Weightlifting platform is helping you to go all out on it.

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