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Saving gym space 

Rhino Quattro  offers maximum functionality per square meter.


Ideal for personal and group training with an instructor or a trainer. 

Creates high comfort training area for your clients.

To deliver highest quality equipment we use precise CNC equipment such as lasers, milling and bending equipment.



Advanced manufacturing techniques allows us to combine steel, wood, glass and rubber in a way that creates unique training environment.


Pendulum system Rhino and many different attachments for variety of options of whole body strength training.

    Outstanding versatility of each training station allows to train without constant movement from one piece of equipment to another.




   People working out with motivating reflection in high quality mirror and adjusting equipment instead of waiting on someone's set to be finished.


  The gym owners do not pay for the square meters taken by the bulky mono-movement equipment, instead they are able to provide their customers with greater comfort and truly functional athletic training.   

   Rhino™ Quattro is a multi functional training complex designed for a general public's strength training with a sports specific movements, which are proven to be highly effective in developing athleticism among such professionals as NFL players.

   Versatility of every station allows for a wide range of movements done in a personalized but open area.  

   Trainees are somewhat engaged in a group, therefore it could be utilized as a training complex for a professional group training. 



   The geometry of the structure allows for a trainer to efficiently train 4-8 people at a time with an easy access to inventory storage.  

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