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Дизайнерская шведская стенка KIDDO™ Premium

KIDDO  from the word KID - child

  A training complex in which the philosophy of a healthy body, spirit and mind is laid down.

   Through design and quality, I wanted to convey the craving for the perfection of my craftsmanship in all my endeavors.

  A conceptual base is applied to the crossbars of the complex in the form of laser engraving of 13 basic physical qualities and skills inherent in everyone from birth.

   All concepts have short and clear definitions and serve as images that give an interesting flavor to the meaning of your workouts.

   Disclosing the essence of concepts is a good practice in the educational process of children, as it contributes to the development of logical thinking.


1. Кардиореспираторная выносливость - способность систем организма собирать, обрабатывать и доставлять кислород.

2. Общая выносливость - способность систем организма обрабатывать, доставлять, накапливать и использовать энергию.

3. Сила - способность мышечной единицы или комбинации мышечных единиц воздействовать на предмет.

4. Гибкость - способность увеличивать диапазон движения в суставе.

5. Мощность - способность мышечной единицы или комбинации мышечных единиц прикладывать максимальную силу за минимальное время.

6. Скорость - возможность минимизировать временной цикл повторяющегося движения.

7. Координация - способность объединять несколько различных моделей движений в одно отдельное движение.

8. Ловкость - способность минимизировать время перехода от одной модели движения к другой.

9. Баланс - способность контролировать положение центра тяжести тела относительно его опорной базы.

10. Точность - способность контролировать движение в заданном направлении или с заданной интенсивностью.

11. Реакция - возможность минимизировать время, необходимое для начала движения в ответ на внешнее событие.

12. Восстановление - способность тканей и систем организма к суперкомпенсации после тренировочного стимула, питания и отдыха.

13. Воля - способность удерживать себя в состоянии максимального дискомфорта, вызванного интенсивными физическими и / или интеллектуальными нагрузками на протяжении необходимого количества времени.

KIDDO Premium ™ |  Base

For connoisseurs of exclusive things and excellent quality

 The design of all elements and the high strength characteristics of the structure do not imply anything childish.  

  But at the same time, excellent ergonomics allow both world-class athletes and infants who have not even mastered bipedalism to train.

  First-class materials, the appropriate quality of their processing give the desired tactile sensations, and the depth of detail of each element unconditionally attracts and holds attention.

Дизайнерская шведская стенка для взрослых и детей
Дизайнерская шведская стенка для взрослых и детей

KIDDO Premium | base +

  Expansion of functionality with attachments

 An adjustable incline bench will allow you to perform exercises on the press and back, children love to climb on it.
  Children's gymnastic rings will provide the child with the opportunity to somersault, pull up, push up and swing with a rebound from the board. 

The mat provides cushioning. It is dense and elastic, holds its shape well.

KIDDO Premium ™ |  base+max

  Horizontal bar extensions for children's gymnastic equipment

 Small children  want to be active at the same time as adults - as soon as you start exercising, they immediately join in for the company.

The separation of children's attachments in different directions will help you train, and the children somersault.

  Ball-shaped hooks at the ends of the extensions  for pull-ups with a maximum load of up to 90 kg. 

Дизайнерская шведская стенка для взрослых и детей

KIDDO Premium ™ |  rock wall
Panel with stones

Children learn to climb faster than they learn to walk.

 As our experience shows, the development  the skill of climbing on the crossbars is faster than the development of the skill of upright walking.

For further progress, we suggest using the RockWall climbing wall panel.

  The hooks have a different shape and are divided into 2 sets - beginner and advanced levels.
  The construction of various "routes" is ensured by a multitude of fixing holes on the solid ash panel. 

KIDDO Premium | peg wall

  Exercises from  gymnastics and rock climbing to train natural movements

 The PegWall panel has many holes that are used for climbing up with sticks and fixing wooden supports.

Height-adjustable stops are convenient for building a progression in push-ups and for performing more complex gymnastic exercises.

  PegWall climbing, bar and ring exercises are excellent for developing pulling muscles, and supports for pressing and other exercises allow you to train pushing muscles, as well as abdominal muscles.

  By combining natural pushing and pulling movements, you will ensure the harmonious development of the muscles - antagonists. This will positively affect the overall physical development.

Дизайнерская шведская стенка для взрослых и детей
Дизайнерская шведская стенка для взрослых и детей

KIDDO Premium   | Gymnastics

Grow  champion  from childhood, children's gymnastic equipment will help you. 

 In an effort to create the perfect home complex for the whole family, we paid special attention to the design of small things,  the choice of materials , the strength of the elements and its maximum equipment. 

  This complete set will allow you to build the child's training process in the form of progressions in sets of exercises aimed at developing the basic physical qualities of a person.

KIDDO Premium ™ |  base +

KIDDO Premium ™ |  base+max

KIDDO Premium ™ |  peg wall

KIDDO Premium ™ |  rock wall

KIDDO Premium ™ |  Gymnastics

 Ordinary things with an unusual design

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