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  Our passion for physical training and the love of perfection is helping us manufacture highly functional fitness equipment with fine quality.  

  We started our journey in 2015 with the production of training and sports equipment - weightlifting platforms and barbell racks and by the year of 2018 we had one of the widest selections of 
weightlifting platforms in the world. ​

  Over six years of development, we have developed an impressive range of CrossFit® training frames, outdoor multifunctional frames for the local area and power racks for barbell work.

  Over the past two years, we have developed and produced a number of designer wall bars that allow you to equip high-performance training spaces in designer interiors. ​

  By constantly improving engineering and production processes, we have brought the design and quality of our products to a level where live contact with the equipment fascinates in its own way and awakens an indescribable inner motivation to work on the capabilities of the body.

  The quality of our products is expressed in true emotions of our customers when they finally see their equipment.

RSE | Fitness


From Russia with love.

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