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  Our team has been formed for 5 years.  We organized training areas  in fitness clubs and participated in the organization of international and regional competitions.

    In an effort to create the perfect home complex for personal use, we  developed a patented safety system for adjusting the height of the rings.  We paid special attention  detail design,  environmental friendliness of materials * and durability of elements.

General physical fitness and physical  culture  in general, these are not just someone's hobbies .

This prolongs life and makes it complete.  Correct functioning of the whole organism

directly depends on well-chosen physical activity,  diet

food and rest. We help to achieve this professionally.  

We produce a wide range of sports equipment and constantly improve existing concepts.

Active cooperation with world-class athletes allows you to receive constructive

criticism of technical solutions and offer you the best solutions for your tasks.




       Sincerely, RSE Team | Athletics.

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar with bare steel Accompanied by a special feeling on the palms. Those who found the times of the USSR will also remember the yard horizontal bars! We remembered and made an inter-wall horizontal bar without a decorative coating. Bare steel.

Developing a home sports complex,  we proceeded from the natural needs of the human body - the development of 10 basic physical qualities.

     The things we create are changing the life of many. It inspires us to build high quality sports equipment. 

Russian sports equipment


Specializing in solving complex problems, we carry out design,  repair and assembly  work  on the territory of the Russian Federation. Purchase of goods  or services possible on call,  submitting an application on the site.  Only the sale of goods in stock is carried out through the basket .  

Sincerely, RSE Team | Athletics

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