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The frame for physical training is a massive steel structure, consisting of racks, beams, horizontal bars and attachments. This type of construction is intensive  used  in the training process of general physical training. Each frame has a certain set of properties and characteristics, regardless of belonging to a particular manufacturer or model within the model  a number of manufacturers. We highlight the main ones:

- Security

- Strength/stiffness

- Production methods and quality of their execution

- Ergonomic design

- Appearance

- Price

Security .  This is a combination of properties and qualities that provides  maximum safety of the health of those involved,  in terms of no possibility of injury due to defective/poorly designed or manufactured frame members during their intended use. 


  Frames are daily subjected to dynamic and shock loads when performing gymnastic exercises and working with a barbell. To ensure a level of strength beyond doubt, we use Russian structural steel, large diameter fasteners and high strength class. All equipment is manufactured using advanced  industrial  technologies  - computer  modeling, laser  cutting  and semi-automatic  welding  metal. 

  When performing dynamic exercises on the frame, the entire structure tends to enter into resonance with the acting  strength on her. At best, it causes discomfort to the rest of the practitioners. At worst, a person after a heavy barbell approach has difficulty returning it to the hooks due to significant fluctuations in the vertical racks. Also, structures with insufficient rigidity are subject to frequent bending of the metal at the attachment points, which leads to its "fatigue" and further weakening of the structure.

  To ensure maximum rigidity of our frames, we have implemented a unique system of internal stiffening ribs at the attachment points. Thanks to this, our frames are guaranteed to be stiffer than any analogue in the world. 

Methods of production and the quality of their execution / thoughtfulness of the nodes.

  In our production, we use the best available  materials and technologies.  3D design allows you to quickly create the desired designs and  calculate their strength. Powerful modern laser systems  ensure fast production of parts with the highest precision and  cut quality. professional  semi-automatic  welding of elements guarantees their reliability and is an essential attribute of quality. Preparation for application  and application of polymer  coating is a very important stage for the long-term preservation of the appearance of the frame. Neglect of all stages of this production cycle inevitably leads to the situation depicted in the photo. This is aggravated by the use of poor quality attachments, without protective plates at the point of contact with the frame.

Polymer coating of unacceptable quality

Welded connections low


protruding fasteners

protective overlays

Ergonomics. This is the convenience of use for the widest possible range of trainees. All attachments  must  have parameters that do not limit   in the convenience of athletes with different anthropometric data. We are convinced that attachments should have the following features:

- Safety  with minimal  weight with maximum strength characteristics, convenient change  position and secure fit.  

- Bars  taken out at a comfortable distance from the vertical column. Handles with comfort  angle  discrepancies. 

- Hooks with a pleasant fixation on a vertical stand, proper protection of the neck notch and polymer coating of the stand.

External  view.

Despite the similarity of the appearance of all designs, they are quite different. The main differences are in the size of the used  steel  profile, size and color  fasteners and configuration of the frame itself.


All stages of production, selection  materials and components  significantly affect the price. The production capacity of our company allows us to offer the highest quality constructions at a comparable price with analogues. Wide  ruler  frame modifications allows you to choose the design for  needs and taste of any client. 

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