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Training  frames

 Multifunctional _  frame,  this is one of the main  funds  to organize a full-fledged training area.  We build our frames with the awareness of an important moment - your clients train on it and   First of all, this is a serious structure that experiences serious loads.  Durability, workmanship, design and ergonomics are the most important characteristics of any frame. The higher they are, the higher the cost.  

  The design concept implies an unlimited number of options for its construction. Range of attachments  equipment  allows you to perform training of various directions. The layout we offer allows you to make the most efficient use of the occupied space. The ergonomics of the equipment has been rated by Olympic and World Weightlifting Champions and outperforms any competition.

  All products are manufactured at the MFG Service manufacturing plant in the city of Zarechny, Penza region. A wide range, the ability to design and manufacture according to your parameters allows you to choose a design for any budget and needs.

Below you can  get acquainted with the available frame models in basic versions.

Evolution Rig

Frames Evolution  These are the best frames we've ever had .  


  Margin of safety,  characteristics  rigidity, ergonomics  elements and design  forced

us to stop on the way of improving the training frames.

evolution  Rack

   Power   frames   evolution   this   full-fledged

training   stations   from   opportunities,   not inherent in any power frames of the Russian market.


Variety of attachments and  possibility

integration of individual frames into a single unit,  allows you to organize the gym of physical training as competently as possible.


 Frame  Elite was designed at the request of the Ministry of Sports of the Penza region for regional competitions.  A separate handle was required.  We liked the concept and added everything you need for a productive workout with style. 


  Frames Phoenix is a professional line, made with the specifics of training in mind.  crossfit.  Designed for wall mounting  and high sections for hanging gymnastic rings and ropes.  


  Completed  hinged  Phoenix PRO equipment .


  frames  TUFF  this is the best solution for commercial use. Versatility, high quality workmanship, best stiffness and strength in its class.  


  Unsurpassed ergonomics of knots and excellent appearance at a relatively low cost - this is our analogue to the widely used frames for CrossFit.


  Triple sectional horizontal bars with a comfortable crossbar extension and the possibility of completing with professional attachments guarantee the best deal. 


  Frames STR  Designed to address inevitable corrosion  frames with through holes, if they are installed in an open area.  

  In this model, the rubbing steel elements are made of stainless steel and provide a consistent look throughout the entire service life in atmospheric conditions.

  The frames are highly rigid and designed to accommodate all the standard equipment used in professional CrossFit training.


 EcoR frames are designed for those who are trying to keep within a certain budget.  Significant cost reduction with some damage to the rigidity of the construction of a square pipe 60x60x3mm.


  transverse  beams from a profile pipe for rigidity.   Double longitudinal and single sections with stiffeners, for guaranteed greater rigidity than  many of the more expensive frames on the market.


  Attachment seats are equipped with pads to prevent chipping of the polymer coating. Mounting holes with laser numbering. 

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