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Swedish wall, which can be equipped with additional panels for training children and adults.


KIDDO Premium will give you a pleasant tactile sensation, will delight  impeccable  external  view and beautiful  ergonomics.  

Robotic processing of metal and wood with manual finishing of surfaces to a state where the product is simply pleasant to look at.

Купить шведскую стенку | KIDDO Sport

The second model of the family  KIDDO-  sport. Has aged  design  in  steel version.

Its dimensions, general proportions, functional equipment are similar  with the Premium line. Significant cost reduction 

KIDDO ™ Sport  | Base

Product information can be provided by email or telephone.

Pull-ups on a bare steel bar give a special feel in the palm of your hand. Those who found the times of the USSR will also remember the yard horizontal bars! We remembered and made an inter-wall horizontal bar without a decorative coating. Bare steel.

Kiddo™ Base

From the stall bars to the family training complex in the comfort of your house.  

Product information can be provided by email or telephone.
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